Abdulkadir Shehu


Abdulkadir Shehu is full time lecturer and a practicing Joomla! trainer in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He is an author of three books on Joomla! website development titled: “Building Website With Joomla! 1.5 in 60 minutes” , “Building Website With Joomla! 2.5: A Game Changer for Young Entrepreneurs” and "Building Websites with Joomla! 3". He founded the Joomla User Group Kaduna (JUGKADUNA) and a happy contributor for the translation of Joomla! Project to Hausa language.

He is the Founder & C.E.O of JoomSchool International in Kaduna - Nigeria and Co-founder of Fasttrack Technologies Kuala Lumpur.


Joomla! : A Breakthrough Towards Reducing Unemployment in Africa

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The level of unemployment in the world has skyrocketed especially in Africa. Many people especially youths are embarking on dangerous trips to cross over to Europe for a greener pasture due to unemployment and other factors. However, the notion always is that government must provide them with jobs, but many seem to ignore the reality that government cannot provide jobs for all. This is why the youths and young entrepreneurs need to get themselves empowered with necessary skills to help them become self reliant. Joomla Skills for example, will be a game changer for many youths in Africa as it will open the doors of opportunities especially in the online environment.