Luminus Alabi

Luminus is a Nigerian living in Ireland. He works in the WooCommerce Happiness team focusing on sales questions. If you have a question related to what you should use to set up the perfect eCommerce shop, Luminus is the one to help you.


The Power of Open Source: How WordPress Changed my life.

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I'm fascinated by the fact that people who have never met can come together to form a community that produces software and/or hardware products like CMSs, cars, building equipment, AI appliances and apparel that help to enable whole swaths of people with limited financial, physical or other resources make meaningful contributions and improve their quality of life.

In this talk, I talk briefly about the concept of Open source and specifically about how WordPress has played a significant part in taking this Nigerian university dropout around the world and exposing him to a community of the most incredible human beings at the forefront of democratizing publishing and why Open Source should be near and dear to your heart.